Power engine: BB-JL184 cm³
(based on: Jialing125)
We use the reliable Jialing 125-FMI engine and tune it up.
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displacement: 183,2 cm³
bore: 59,0 mm
stroke: 67,0 mm
gear schematics: 1-N-2-3-4
(depends on the carburetor
and the muffler)
20 - 22 hp

Firstly we disassemble the whole engine..
The middle cases will be modified (milling the cylinderhole and the crankshaft area etc.)
Now we put the engine with the new tuningparts together..

following parts are renewed:
  • BB-crankshaft (manufactured by ourselves, finebalanced)
  • lighter oilcentrifuge
  • new ignition (rotor and groundplate) smaler in size
  • cylinder with a new, bigger cylinder liner (manufactured by ourselves)
  • racingpiston (modified japanese piston)
  • cylinderhead with bigger valves (completely modified)
  • cylinderhead gasket
  • R20 camshaft

After assembling, the engine will be filled up with oil.and checked for leakage.
Finally the engine is runing a test on our stationary engine test stand.

the complete left case has been modified.
The originally mounted electric starter is removed and its openinig will be closed with a special manufactured part.
The new left case has a smaler design..
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